Trailer Season

Spring is upon us, and that means trailer season has started!
This year is going to be very interesting and different. This is obviously the first year our daughter will be going to the trailer. I’m excited to be able to take her out on the boat, to the splash pad and swimming. However, one of the down sides to trailer season is her schedule. She’s normally asleep around 8, which I highly doubt will be the case when we’re at the trailer, especially since she’s going to have to sleep in a playpen… I don’t think she’s going to like it much.
On the other hand I might be totally wrong, she might sleep better at the trailer. I use to love going camping because I loved the smell of the fresh air going to sleep and loved the smell of dew in the morning. It was even better when it was raining!

Honestly, I hope she loves sleeping at the trailer considering we’ll be there every other weekend, or I hope that if she does have a hard time it doesn’t last too long. I would really hate for her to hate the sleeping experience.