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Mental Health

For as long as I can remember I struggled with my mental health. From being a kid to always being very anxious and to always thinking everyone was better than me. It was always some what manageable, at least that’s what I thought. Up until my grandfather died, then it got a lot worse fast. I never really asked for help, I learned to change my perspective with some help and I had to maintain it on my own.

I’ve never been diagnosed by a doctor because I’ve always had this wicked fear that they’re going to force me to be put on medications. It’s a personal choice that I want to find other methods before I consider meds, not that there is anything wrong with being on medications for depression or anxiety, I fully support and applaud those that choose that route.

I struggled substantially with my mental health, I worked my ass off to get to the point where I am now. If I had never put in the time and effort to help myself I wouldn’t have the relationship I have and I wouldn’t have my beautiful little girl. Having anxiety and depression is hard as shit, it’s tough to deal with.

If anyone ever wants to talk about being someone with mental health issues, I’m here to talk…always. I understand the struggles. Stay Strong my loves!