I love going to my parents on the weekends and staying there so they have some time with my kid. But sometimes I love staying home. Especially on weekends that JD has off, it gives him the opportunity to really spend some time with Siri, and it gives me the chance to work on cleaning the house.

I hate cleaning and laundry soooooo much! But I have to maintain the house and make sure we have some clean clothes for the week to come. However, it’s awesome when we have the weekend to ourselves and I can get some much needed housework done as my man spends quality time with his child. When it’s all said and done I love the way a clean house smells and looks, it’s like all of a sudden I have all my shit together and I know exactly what I’m doing. It really helps when most days I feel like everything is chaos and I have no idea what the hell I’m doing. AHAHA!



Moving sucks. Yes having a new home and place to build memories is great. But packing and unpacking your crap sucks! We’ve almost been living here a year and I still have too many boxes to unpack. Our situation is a little different because we had renovate and such. Part of me still doesn’t want to unpack because I know we still have so many renovations to do. But as I set up my bookshelves and my daughter’s I do love the idea of everything being put away where it’s suppose to be and making the space feel more like home. I guess this is one of those “you can’t have the cake and eat it too” moments.


Learning: Part 2

I don’t know how many of you have heard of Mum-Mums? They’re like a treat for infants that pretty much dissolves instantly when they become moist. They don’t really have any flavor and they kind of remind me of Rice Crispies. I’ve given Siri them twice before, and she seemed to do fairly well with them. It’s reassuring to know that they instantly dissolve so I don’t have to be too concerned with her choking on them.
The last time I broke them up into medium size pieces and laid them on her tray, trying to get her to pick them up and feed them to herself. She was able to get them in her hand but they would stick to her palm and she wouldn’t be able to get them in her mouth. This time around I broke the full piece in half and just handed it to her. She instantly put the piece to her mouth and even understood that she had to bite the pieces off. The only struggle she had was that she doesn’t have any top teeth yet, so her bottom teeth have to do all the cutting. She seemed to really enjoy the new treat and has a pretty good understanding of what she’s suppose to do with the treat once it’s given to her.

I knew that parents have biased opinions about their kids and everything they do is just mind blowing. But it never really crossed my mind that I would get SOOOO excited when she did something new, or mastered something. She’s also been doing really good sitting up on her own. Every new thing she learns or is able to do is just so exciting to me and fills me with so much pride! I love it!


Bloody Mess

I was playing with my 6.5 month old daughter today. Making her smile and giggle, one of the best parts about having kids. Well I guess I let me guard down because my child shoved her thumb up my nose and twisted it, to the point where she ended up cutting the inside of my nose. Right after pulling her thumb out of my nose I knew what was coming, only to put my hand under my nose and catch what would soon be a puddle of blood. My 6.5 month old kid gave me a WICKED nose bleed. It lasted 20 minutes, no amount of pinching or water would help it clot, it was rolling down my arm, dripping in the sink. Luckily I had someone there that was able to take her so I could clean up all the blood. When I was tired of everything not working, I got fed up went into the freezer grabbed a pack of pre-packaged sandwich meat, slapped it on the back of my neck. Within minutes I was able to actually leave the sink and not worry about any blood dripping everywhere.

That’s the story of how my child gave me one of the worst bloody noses I’ve had in a while. Thanks child!



Does your child ever decide that they don’t want to follow the schedule/routine you have had them on for, who knows how long?
Ever since I put my kid on a scheduled bedtime, it’s obviously helped a lot with her sleeping more regularly and it’s helped give me some time to myself. However, the one thing I wasn’t prepared for was that some days my kid is just going to decide that she doesn’t want to follow said schedule. Let’s just say this situation happened tonight. Siri went down for her regular 8 c’clock bed time, she seemed like she was out cold. I went to shower, my in-laws had the monitor for me, and around 9:30 she wakes up. Not overly cranky, pretty much just making noises to herself until she got really fed up of being in her crib alone. My mother-in-law started rocking her back to sleep. but every time she went to put her back in her crib she would wake up and cry again. I made her a bottle because it was around the time where if she was sleeping it would go unnoticed but because she was awake, she was probably hungry. Normally, whenever Siri wakes up for whatever bottle before she sleeps through the night, she drinks it and I can pretty much put her right back into her crib and she falls back asleep without any issues. Well tonight wasn’t that night. She drank her bottle, I put her in her crib then she starts cooing then crying, I rock her to sleep then put her back in the crib, she wakes up. Now she’s pretty much wide awake doing her own thing, talking to herself and what not, only until she thinks that you’ve left her alone in there then she cries. I tried EVERYTHING for an hour, her grandmother came down and she starts laughing at her. This child looks tired but seems as bright as the sun. I’ve pretty much given up I have garbage to collect and bottles to clean I can’t just hang out with her in her room the whole night. So I did the one thing some people might screw their noses up at me for, I put her in her bouncer and put on Little Baby Bum with some dim lighting and everything. LOL! She was just too wide awake to go back to sleep, she need something to grasp her attention and tire her out.
Yeah I know, if I was a perfect mom I would have just hung out with her, talking to her until she finally tired herself out. Yes I definitely could have, but I had things to do, as I mentioned before, plus I had to prep her cereal for tomorrow. If y’all want to judge me because I put my kid in front of the TV to tire herself out instead of sitting with her and playing with her, go right ahead I don’t give a shit. I’m not a mother with octopus arms, I can’t be doing a million things or being in a million places at once. She is normally asleep at that time so it gives me the opportunity to do what needs to get done, she decided to go against the schedule. Anyways back to the point of the post! She only watched TV for half an hour before she was getting cranky because she was tired. So I cuddled with her a little before she went was in her crib asleep.

Have you ever had your kid screw you over when it came to the routine? She’s done this to me one of time, but I guess I was naive enough to think it might be a one time thing, and didn’t really ever expect it to happen again. Well, that was my night in a nutshell. Thank you Siri for sending the schedule for a loop tonight! You definitely know how to keep me on my toes!


Social Media

I have to vent tonight… I have a bit of a hard time dealing with people that are VERY negative minded, especially those that don’t know how to look at some of the good things people do for them, but always feel the need to complain about those said people. With that being said when it comes to a relationship or co-parenting sacrifices have to be made, and I don’t think it’s fair when one person makes all the sacrifices and the other sits around complaining about it on social media.

Social media has become a great tool to be in the know, and to stay connected with those around you. The problem with having so much influence from social media is some people feel the need to make Facebook their private journal, in other words they air everything out on it. Now it’s one thing to air everything out on a social platform like a blog or Facebook when you’re trying to show people the reality of a situation, ex: parenting. But I do truly believe that it’s another story if you’re airing your laundry in order to complain consistently about someone or are looking for sympathy. Parenting is freaking hard, and yes sometimes us parents could use a little sympathy about whatever our situation is. But social media is not where you go for that.

For those of us with children and who are in a relationship, yes we could easily go on social media complaining about our partners because if you’re a mother more than likely you carry more weight of the child/house responsibilities. Take me for example! Depending on when my boyfriend goes to bed Sunday, I essentially become the only caregiver at home for our daughter from Monday morning to Friday afternoon/evening. As I’ve said before he works night shift on a 12 hour schedule, so from the time he gets home that morning, he sleeps until about the time he has to go back to work that evening. Is it an ideal schedule for a family? No. But it is our reality and it is what makes the money, so I would never fault him for that. Do I get frustrated that I feel like he’s not pulling his weight at home? Yes, probably the most on weekends because we do everything 50/50 which means I’m not really getting a break, but neither is he because he has a baby too. Could I complain about him? Yes, but neither one of us are perfect. Any woman who is a wife and a mother knows the frustration of always feeling like everything is up to you. At the same time I would never expect him to change what he’s worked hard for and helps us pay the bills. Although I get annoyed and frustrated, he goes days only seeing his daughter for 1 hour max I can’t imagine how crappy that feels when I get to spend so much time with her.

The whole point of this post is because I know people who constantly post on social media about how the father of their child doesn’t pull his weight. Being a single-mother is hard, my boyfriend’s mother was one and she kicked some serious ass being one. He respects her and has so much admiration for his mom because of how strong she was during the time she was on her own, and they had a father that didn’t pull any weight when it came to them. All mother’s could complain about the father of their children, but if he’s making an effort, I don’t see the need to spend your time on social media bashing them as parents.

Not to say it only happens this way because it definitely can happen the other way around. This is just the current example I’m venting about.


Sick: Part 3

As I mentioned previously I’ve spent the last week (maybe a little longer) sick. Sore throat and a bad cough. I’ve spent a lot of my time really drained because of the amount of time I spend in a run of a day coughing my insides out (not literally). I started slacking really hard on keeping up with my posting, the time I normally took for my posting I would spend going to sleep early. In hopes of waking up feeling better, hasn’t really happened yet but I am starting to feel like I am starting to recover *knocks on wood*. Being sick while being a mother sucks A LOT, I was very lucky that my boyfriend picked up the slack this weekend and let me sleep longer than I would normally if he weren’t home. Waking up is when I feel the crappiest so I’m hoping tomorrow morning will be a different story *crosses fingers*.


Sick: Part 2

I’m continuing on the story of being sick. It turns out I now have a wicked cough, to the point where it takes me forever to fall asleep at night. Then waking up is a struggle, I don’t want to get out of bed. I’m pretty sure this is my body reacting to the way the weather keeps flipping and flopping where I live. It’s freaking killing me!

I try my hardest to not cough around my kid but holy crap is it difficult. To some this might be a pointless post, deep down I agree with those people. But I feel like crap and I’m trying to stick to my word of a post a day. So this is a bit of a run down on how I’m feeling, as I cough up my lungs! Hope y’all enjoying your day!


Parent Shaming

Well I experienced my first really parent shaming. I use the term “parent shaming” because it wasn’t just somebody shaming me as a mother, it was also somebody shaming my boyfriend as a father. I had dealt with like remarks here or there regarding the things we do with our child, but I had been doing pretty good at ignoring them. Which in reality is probably not the best way for me to deal with a situation because I will eventually explode.

Anyway, it turns out it was a really close family member. One of those people you never really thought would comment on your parenting; 1) because they don’t have kids so they don’t know the struggles, 2) because they’re a freaking teenager so why the hell do they even care!?

To give you a kind of understanding of what happened. We were at Sunday dinner (kind of a family tradition), my daughter didn’t have to eat yet so she sat with her grandfather, who in turn put Little Baby Bum on his iPad for her to watch. Now this isn’t a big deal to us because we let her watch it, we know that in our house the no TV rule until they’re a certain age wouldn’t make sense for us because sometimes I need that time to get some housework done or whatever. I’m not going to lie and say somedays she watches more of that show than she should probably be allowed to because sometimes mom’s just a need a break to recuperate. Back to the story, this family member of ours pretty much went off because watching shows at this age is wrong, it takes away their imagination, they become stupid, blah blah blah. Needless to say, it really pissed us off.

Being parent shamed makes you feel really inadequate, like everything you’ve done for your child is wrong and you’re pretty much doing a terrible job. It’s a very shitty feeling and I wish people wouldn’t do it to any parent or mother. But it happens a lot! I would just like to say how sorry I am for anyone that has to endure parent shaming, it freaking sucks I wouldn’t wish it on my worst enemy. Parents out there trust your judgement, you know what’s best and stick with it. Even if you make mistakes we’re all human, we aren’t perfect which means we could never expect to raise perfect kids. Stay strong parents out there!!


Pet Peeves

In the short 6 months my child has been out of my womb there has been one comment I constantly receive that has actually become one of my biggest pet peeves.
As a mom you have very little time to take an actually shower, where you take care of everything. Most cases you don’t have the time to take one during the day unless your child is not mine, and has a decently consistent nap time that doesn’t range from 20 mins to 2 hours depending on how she feels. There’s always the time after you put your child to bed for the night. But you’re taking the monitor with you so you can hear them if they cry. Most cases you try to hurry the shower along because you’re just anticipating a cry because of a lost pacifier.
I am very lucky to be living with my in-laws, who I can pass the monitor to while I’m in the shower just in case. But I have this guilt that stops me from taking too long of a shower, my kid is my responsibility, and yes I appreciate the help but I can’t take advantage of the opportunity every time I’m in need to have water hit my body.
Getting to the point of my pet peeve, it’s when people comment on how long of a shower I take. It’s really irritating, I do the best I can to make them short when I don’t have someone listening our for her. But when I have the opportunity when my boyfriend is home, I’m going to bask in the glory of a really good shower. I try to cover the bases the best I can when I shower and my in-laws are listening out for my kid. I shampoo, condition, soap, shave and wash my face. I do it as quickly as possible so I can get out, but sometimes I take advantage of the chance to relax, go at my own pace, soak my body in hot water, use to the shower head to massage my back because my back has been aching lately. Those showers are the ones that make me REALLY good after.

So everyone, take it from someone that hates it, don’t comment on how long a mother’s shower takes when she has someone watching her kid. That time is ideal for her to relax and let every thing from God knows how long wash off. Let her have that time a peace and quite, without worry. Don’t be judgey about it, we all know she freaking deserves that time because she’s a MOM!!