Mother’s Day

Happy (belated) Mother’s Day to all the mama’s out there.
This was my very first Mother’s Day! As a kid the most celebrating we ever did for Mother’s Day was giving my grandmothers flowers and making crafts at school to give to our moms. Other than that my family didn’t really celebrate Mother’s Day or Father’s Day. Since my boyfriend and I have been together we’ve attended his family celebrations of Mother’s Day & Father’s Day dinners.
I’m more of a wallflower, I prefer attention to not be on me. That does play a part in why I don’t really care for either days celebrations. I kind of rather not make a big deal out of it like the way my family did it. I always thought that you should show your parents appreciation throughout the year, or make an effort to. That one day doesn’t really mean much when there’s still 364 days out of the year when you could show it. Quite honestly the crap that parents put up with and take care of on a daily basis, kids should be showing their parents love and appreciation a lot more than just once a year.

I’m not bashing Mother’s Day, I just don’t think the huge gathering and celebration is meant for me. Who knows maybe next year when we implement our holidays strictly for our family we’ll include Mother’s Day and Father’s Day, I prefer intimate celebrations with our little family better than loads of people celebrating with us. We’ll just have to see what next year brings.

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