Writers Block

I’m going to start of by saying a HUGE thank you to everyone that leaves comments on my posts! I love interacting with all of you guys! Plus, it means so much to me and my confidence that you guys care about the things I write! Ahaha.

I received a comment on one of my posts from Rachael, asking me how I clear my head in order to write. Well the truth is… I am a mom, there’s no such thing as a clear head for writing now a days. LOL. When my kid is asleep and I have the opportunity to post I typically spend the same amount of time as you with writers block. I sometimes twiddle my thumbs for 10-15 minutes staring at the screen until something finally comes to me that I can write about. I’m lucky in a sense because of my topic for my blogging. I tried really hard not to limit myself to one specific type of blog so that way I was less likely to cross paths with writers block. I am a mom blog, but thankfully there’s always something I can post about because of it. I either have the option of sharing some disastrous crap she decided to take, or something new she’s learned how to do, or something I read on the internet that I would like to share my opinion on about parenting. So thankfully because of my kid and my blog topic I have all kinds of directions I could go in.
My tip would definitely be to not limit your creativity to one topic, so you don’t run into writers block very often.
I also tend to multi-task like crazy. So if I can’t figure out what to post about I’ll kind of just work on my blog and let my mind wonder until finally somethings pops into my head. If that doesn’t work I’ll just make a crappy post about everything going through my mind, which is basically the motherly/wifely duties I have to do (clean, laundry, prep meals for my kid).

So Rachael…. The truth is find a topic you are passionate about or deal with on a daily basis, so you always have something fueling the writing brain. I have also sat down on my more brainstormy days and made up a list of topics I could would have available the days I really can’t find anything to write about. I also personally love to meditate for about 10 mins, I feel refreshed and 9 times out of 10 I get some sort of epiphany afterwards that I can post about.
I hope this was helpful in some shape or form! Keep up the creativity and enjoy the writing process in all its glory! Good luck!

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